Oleg Dryzhak

Partner Director, HNWI and Public Events

Prominent leader with 13 years track record in the leading industrial and investment groups of CIS and Europe. Had the roles of board member, C-level and advisor at Ministry of Economics, corporations and startups. Oleg acted as a wealth manager for HNWIs, as well as PMO in M&As, restructuring and operations optimization across many industries at the largest holding companies in CIS. He is a member of Global Shapers community and a Vice President at Horasis.

There is an underlying philosophy why I help talented teams get the VCs. I`ve been on a career path, I`ve been an entrepreneur and discovering my quest helped me understand this mission which makes my work meaningful and fulfilling. There’s a limit to the rewards with money, but there’s no limit to the rewards of pursuing a calling.

Every entrepreneur has an inherent fear of loss. I train founders with clear and compelling perspective to sustain high level of consciousness, build confidence, self-worth and discipline – the main components of successful business marathon. And I`ve been a long-time advocate of using stoicism for entrepreneurs.

I was highly successful in high school and academia. But this low-risk environment doesn`t teach you resilience, flexibility and nimbleness for real life survival. Most of high performers have never been straight A’s.

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Investors buy personalities and teams first, product second.

Two of my favorite techniques for strategy and tactics advancement are ‘reverse thinking’ and ‘contrarian view’. The first lies in making a causal list of activities or inaction for any undesired outcome. Now you know what not to do. The second needs developing a substantiated opposite view to what seems a common sense for everyone, so that the weak spots of even the best decision are revealed and given a proper consideration.

To win you need to go ‘all in’. Be the fastest. And the smartest. I like making parallels: most fighters work as hell before the championships. Only few make it to get it all: titles, money and fame. And then, spectators adore reality shows, esp. dramas and blockbusters. In the end, it`s all about leadership, design and integrity.