Diamond Capital Innovations at Horasis China Meeting 2018

Diamond Capital Innovations attended the two-day event, 14th Horasis China Meeting, co-hosted by the Ukrainian Government, Global Transformation Platform and the China Federation of Industrial Economics in Kyiv, Ukraine over 14-15th October, 2018. More than 300 participants from business and government joined an intense two-day programme designed to cover opportunities and challenges that Chinese firms need to identify and address successfully as they move abroad. The 2018 Horasis China Meeting played an accelerating role in the rapidly expanding trade and foreign investment between China and Ukraine.

Sergey Lysov, Founding Partner of Diamond Capital, joined the: “Understanding China’s Future Plans” panel, highlighting major innovations that will help transform China into a moderately prosperous society and eradicate poverty in addition to the increasingly important role of deep technology for business.

During the Horasis China Meeting, Diamond Capital had the opportunity to meet CEOs of the world’s most respected corporations, key leaders from emerging markets, public figures and establish partnerships with the largest corporate investors and leading companies in China, Singapore, India, America, and Europe.

Horasis is an economic business forum for developing countries aimed to support the growth of business markets. Horasis arranges meetings to address the most important challenges corporations are facing today. Participants jointly identify globally relevant issues and develop interdisciplinary solutions.