Startup Investor-Readiness Checklist: interview to Intervizor

Sergey Lysov on StartUp’s Investor Readiness CheckList

In his interview to InterVisor TV, Sergey Lysov, the Founding Partner of Diamond Capital, reveals a checklist of criteria, making a startup appear as “investor ready.” Having impressive background and vast experience in the field, Sergey had a chance to work with numerous projects on different development stages. Basing on his experience, he has drawn up a formula defining that a potentially successful project is ready for funding.

Watch the full video below.

Top interview quotes:

“The formula is simple: (Product + Readiness) x (Economics + Reliability).”

“You need to understand: to whom you are selling and why your product is in demand.”

“One of the key pillars of success in the market is having a clear business scaling plan.”

“Don’t be afraid to share your ideas. Execution is the only thing that matters in this world.”